• Survey extended until November 28!


    The fall 2021 survey window for parents, family, and community members is November 8-21, 2021

    As you may already be aware, growing our students’ social-emotional learning (“SEL”) skills is an important goal for our district. As part of these activities, we survey students and ask them to reflect on their own mindsets and approaches to learning. The data we get back informs our educational practices, and helps us continue to identify opportunities for growth and development with our students.

    We partner with a leader in the SEL space, Panorama Education. Panorama develops tools to empower schools and districts to learn about students’ self-perceptions, better understand student experiences in their learning environment, and identify opportunities to enhance support of teachers and counselors as they implement SEL programs.

    Our Family-School Relationship Survey is grouped into several categories:

    • Student skills and competencies;
    • Student supports and environment; 
    • Student well-being; and 
    • Teacher well-being and adult SEL

    These surveys will help shape the district's approach to supporting teachers’ work in service of the whole student.

    We need your feedback!

    Parents/family members:  please visit the link(s) on the right that correspond to your child's school(s) to complete the parent/family survey.

    Please note: Some of the questions are not totally relevant in our current environment. The survey is a national survey that we adopt locally. While we are not able to adjust all of the questions, we appreciate your input and honest responses. 

    • The survey will be open from November 8-21, 2021.
    • If you have students in more than one school, you are welcome to take the survey for each school.
    • If you are a community member, please take the survey for the school at which you have volunteered or with which you have had experience.
    • The survey can be taken on a computer, tablet or smart phone, or on your student's District-issued Chromebook.
    • The survey should take 15-20 minutes.
    • If you do not have access to a computer or telephone, please contact Cynthia Cantwell at 360-473-1016 so we can provide a way for you to take the survey.

    Thank you so much for your time and support of the Bremerton School District.  

Survey-Taking Help for Students

  • Students will be invited to take the survey by a teacher at their school. Our Virtual Learning Academy students and other alternative learning program students will be asked to complete the survey at home.

    arrow Family Instructions for taking the student Family-School Relationship Survey at home

    1. Learn how to understand survey questions 
    In this video, students learn how to read the questions on your survey to help them select the best answer choice.
    Video: Understanding your Panorama Survey Questions

    2. Learn how to take the survey
    This video can help an adult in the home prepare a student for taking the survey, just as a teacher would if the student was in a classroom.
    How to take your student survey
    Ver video en español

    3. Learn how to have the survey read aloud 
    The video below walks students through using Google Chrome’s “Text-to-Speech” feature to have the survey read aloud.