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Congratulations Sports Med Team!!

Our BHS sports medicine students competed in the WCTSMA State Competition. There were 55 schools there and we did phenomenally!! Here are some of our stats:
The overall team scores are split between big and small schools but not the individual categories, so our winners were literally the best in their categories!!
Small School Division - 2nd place out of 28 small schools
Overall Placement - 10th place out of 55 schools (WOW!!!)
Anatomy & Physiology  - Madison Gardner in 8th place out of 79 - Clover Navarro 13th out of 79 
CPR & First Aid Practical - Thor Michaelson finished 23rd out of 83 students
JV Sports Medicine - Braden Welch got 14th place of 70 students
Medical Terminology - Elizabeth Allen 4th place out of 82 students
Oral Practical - Alyssa McManamna finished 11th in small schools!!!!
Anatomage Competition  - Liza Allen, Madison & Makayla Gardner, Clover Navarro, Anthony Camacho made it to the ELITE 8!!!! This is a truly remarkable category as they went up against some big powerhouse schools! They had 5 mins to correctly identify 30 anatomical structures on an Anatomage Table (giant touch screen TV with body parts). They are graded on speed and accuracy! There was only one other small school that made it to the Sweet 16!