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Congratulations Choir Competitors!


The choir students had their regional solo/ensemble competition, and we have some exciting results to share:
The following are going to the STATE competition in Ellensburg at the end of April:

Large Mixed--Knight Sounds (Charlie) WON!!  (16 students from Knight Sounds)

Small Mens--Just the 3 of Us--WON!!  (Rodgie Oliver, Michael Wahlquist, Ryan DiCicco)

Small Women's--Meyer Sisters--WON!!   (Isabella Meyer and Julie Meyer)

Soprano-- Isabella Meyer--WON!!


Additionally.....Alternates are as follows:


Baritone--Michael Wahlquist--2nd alternate--3rd place

Bass--Ryan DiCicco--1st alternate--2nd place

Soprano--Courtney Haskan--2nd alternate--3rd place

Mixed Small--Bold and Brass--1st alternate--2nd place (Isabella and Michael)