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Another successful season for "BremerTron"



The Bremerton High School Robotics Team “BremerTron” had a great season. Every year the robotics competition game is different and teams are tasked with building an "industrial sized" robot to compete. These robots are typically about 3'x3'x4' and they weigh 150+ pounds when complete.

BremerTron placed first in the first of two District events, and ended the year ranked #53 out of 148 teams-- just barely missing out on the PNW Championship Tournament (top 50 teams). “We are very proud of our performance as we continue to set and meet big goals from year to year which improve our performance and rank despite being a relatively small team,” said Blake Greisinger, Robotics Club adviser. 2024 Robotics Team members include: Noah Kroker, Ruby Brooks, Maddox Bradbury, Ricky Clarke, Autumn Clarke, Nicco High, Tommy MacCubbin, Alfred Metcalf, Adrien Jackman, Pim Sangkarom, Marilyn Steele, Catalina Blyth, and Kai Blythe.