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BHS Performing Arts Students spring performance was “She Kills Monsters”

She Kills Monsters

The Bremerton High School Theatre program is growing after some rocky times post-COVID. Their spring performance “She Kills Monsters” appealed to a wide array of performers and technicians, and many of the 26 members of the cast and crew had never worked on a play before.

At Bremerton High School, we strive to be a safe, inclusive space for all students and staff. Unfortunately, bullying remains an issue, and the students and staff work together eliminate it from our halls. The need for this continuing effort is part of why this play- which included scenes of bullying - was chosen.

“One of the best things theatre does is create containers in which messages and meaning can be examined,” said Alicia Grosso, BHS Theatre Arts teacher. “Another great thing theatre does - particularly high school theatre - is create connections to each other and memories that last.”

Congratulations to all the students involved, and thank you to BHS alumni and parents who volunteered with this production!

Photos (L-R): 1. Milani Martinez, Evelyn Ulrich, Jordan Copenhaver. 2. Grace Kubli, Kaylynn Beems, William Davis, Abigail Lugo, Makenna Gordon, Rame Vincent. 3. Lavina Watson.