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Classroom Placement Information

We are beginning to plan for the 2020-2021 school year and are interested in gathering information from parents. Our staff will meet in May/June to begin making recommendations for class assignments. Parent responses will be one of the factors used in considering your child’s needs. Please consider the classroom characteristics that best describe your child and give your responses without referring to a specific teacher by name. It is, of course, just one of the factors in building strong, positive, and balanced class lists for next school year. This process will take into account such factors as student learning styles, academic records, girl/boy ratios, behavior and peer relationships, special programs, and of course, parental input. All student assignments are temporary until our October 1 enrollment count. Increased enrollment may necessitate adding new classrooms as we have done in the past, while decreased enrollment could mean making other changes in student placements to comply with contractual agreements, as well as attrition that may impact staff assignments. With the exception of a very small percentage of children with special needs, the majority of students are well equipped to adjust to any classroom placement. The principals have final responsibility for classroom assignments.

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