Special Education Transportation

  • Some students may need specialized support or transportation based on their disability in order to travel safely on the bus.  Other students may access transportation services because they have been placed in a location outside of their neighborhood school by the district.  

    All specialized transportation requests are part of the IEP team discussion and IEP document which includes the impact of the student's medical, physical, or behavioral needs as it relates to bus ridership.

    If you have questions about your child's transportation needs you can contact your child's case manager.  

  • Our routes that serve our students with disabilities are extremely time-sensitive; to help create a smooth ride for all students, please remember these helpful tips.

    - If your child is absent or ill and will not be riding the bus please contact bus dispatch as soon as possible at 360-473-0514.

    - If your child is not at the bus stop for 3 consecutive days without contacting transportation or dispatch the child will be dropped from the route.  

    - For the safety of our students and drivers our transportation services run "curb to curb"; finding a safe and accessible location for the bus to stop and load will be as close to the student's address as possible.

    - Specialized equipment (ie. car seats, wheelchair lifts) are outlined by the IEP and are not determined by the transportation department or bus driver.  If you have questions about specialized equipment for the bus please contact your child's IEP case manager.