• Research Resources
    Below are Databases and Research Resources used for all classes at Bremerton High School. Click on the Icons to access the sites.
    Online Database of relevant information, articles and pictures to use for any research project.
    User Name: bremerton
    Password: knights 

    Lists the pro's and con's of controversial issues.
    No password or username is needed for ProCon.org.
    Bibme Citation maker makes it easy to make a works cited page or a bibliography in MLA or APA format. 
    No password or username is needed for bibme. But signing in is free, you just need an email address and then you can use the advanced features.
    Click HERE for a PowerPoint presentation on how to use and sign up for Bibme.
    This site includes both ProQuest and eLibrary for researching a wide variety of topics.
    The Password for ProQuest is:   24-28449
    The Login for ProQuest is:  bigchalk
    A good site to find definitions of words.
    Culture Grams      
    Culture Grams explores world cultures.
    The Username for Culture Grams is:  bremer
    The Password for Culture Grams is:  cgrams 
     CIA World Factbook  
    The CIA World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.
    No password or username is needed for the CIA's World Factbook.
    HyperHistory Online has "over 2000 files covering 3000 years of world history."  Includes science, culture, religion and politics.
    No password or username is needed for HyperHistory Online.
     World Atlas.com  
    A concise world atlas online.
    No username or password is needed for this site.