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    Homework and Grading Policy

    Everything counts - some as practice, some as performance
    If you don't have time to do it well the first time - you have to have the time to do it well the second time

    Missing assignment and assessment re-take procedures at MVMS:

    • If you have not turned in your work in a timely manner, you will have missed your opportunity to learn and practice skills necessary to succeed on summative assessments.
    • If you miss a due date you have 5 school days to turn in missing assignments.
    • Assignments that have not been submitted by the due date should be recorded as missing. The conditions for completing a missing assignment must be established between the teacher and the student and it is the student’s responsibility to meet those conditions (from 2422P 9.a.). Examples for completing assignments outside of the school day are: before or after school, at home.

    To access retake opportunities:

    • Students must have already completed all daily tasks and learning activities for the unit of study prior to the day of the summative assessment. Failure to complete these tasks prior to the summative assessment invalidates re-testing opportunities.
    • Teachers may require after school attendance for tutoring, assignment completion or other evidence of preparation. Failure to complete such work invalidates retesting opportunities.
    • If you have summative assessments to make-up or re-take (e.g., test, quiz, essay, or project), you must complete this assessment within 5 school days of the original due date determined by the teacher. Your teacher may require preparation work be completed before taking or turning in the assessment. It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate the make-up/re-take with their teacher along with establishing any preparation work that needs to be completed.

    In extenuating circumstances, the number of re-take or make-up opportunities is at the discretion of the teacher or the department based on the specific situation/needs of an individual student.

    In all events, communication is essential. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration following communication with the student, their parent or guardian, and the teacher.

    Teachers will adhere to all IEP and 504 plan accommodations.

Last Modified on February 26, 2018