• The Electives department consists of multiple disciplines that enhance the experience of students at Mountain View Middle School. These classes are frequently the classes that students most look forward to attending. 

    The teachers of the electives department are listed below:
    Mr. Anderson - Cadet Band, Symphonic Band - String Orchestra
    Mrs. Barry-Meller - 6th and 7th Grade Art, 6th & 7th Grade Pottery, 6th Grade Art Sampler
    Mr. Bock - 8th Grade Physical Education and Health
    Ms. Clingan - 7th Grade Physical Education and Health
    Mrs. Dahl - ELL English, ELL Math
    Mrs. Erger - Computer Graphics
    Mrs. Goddard - Squire 101, Leadership
    Mrs. Gordon-Ramstad - Leadership, Yearbook (STEM Publications), AVID 7, and Washington State History
    Mrs. Jenks - 6th Grade Physical Education and Health
    Mrs. Reimer - Choir Director and Orchestra
    Mr. Renner - Introduction to Media, Photography
    Mr. Seelye - Intro to Robotics
    Mr. Simmons - Computer Graphics
    Mrs. Turner - Web Design, Computer Science Discoveries, and Computer Applications 
Last Modified on September 14, 2021