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    View Ridge Elementary is one of two elementary schools on the east side of the Bremerton School District attendance area. Many of our students and families are shared with our sister school, Armin Jahr Elementary. View Ridge Elementary serves students preschool through 5th grade. Parents are extremely important to the success of the students attending our school. We continually find ways to engage parents in their children's learning through parent newsletters, monthly family nights and volunteer opportunities.


    View Ridge Elementary An Arts Integration School


    Beginning in the fall of 2017 View Ridge became an arts integration school.  


    What is Art Integration?
    In an Arts Integration Program, students: master core content areas (reading, writing, math, science, and social studies) while concurrently learning arts standards (music, visual arts, drama, and dance). For example, students learn about Earth’s rotation by participating in a drawing lesson about shading, addressing both science, and visual arts standards at the same time.


    Decades of research on arts education and arts integration find many positive effects such as:

    • Increased student achievement
    • Improved test scores
    • Improved student attendance
    • Increased positive perception about school
    • Improved cognitive abilities that are assessed on state tests
    • Academic concepts understood more deeply 
    • Information processed and stored by the brain more effectively and quickly


    Visual Arts (8 week unit)
    Students study artists, art techniques, and create their own artwork. Student artwork will be displayed throughout the school and in their grade-level art exhibit.


    Dance (8 week unit)
    Students work with a dance instructor learning various aspects of movement and dance. Dance learning will be showcased in grade-level dance recitals.


    Drama (8 week unit)
    Kindergarten, first, and second grade students perform dramatized operetta performances with the music teacher. Third, fourth, and fifth grade students work with a drama instructor to prepare and perform a grade-level musical.


    Music (Weekly)
    Students learn songs, musical rhythms and notation, and create music with various instruments.


    Enrichment (6 week unit)
    Enrichment classes are taught once a week during the school day for one hour. Student choose a class to attend based on their interests.


    Download Our View Ridge Arts Integration Brochure

    Please look through the View Ridge website to learn more about our school over the coming weeks.





Last Modified on December 8, 2017