• Buildings & Grounds Maintenance

    Director of Facilities and Capital Projects: David Herrington
    Office Coordinator: Kathy Swenson
    Construction Update
    Have you seen the new Garden at Bremerton High School?  A vision by one of our Grounds crew, many of our neighbors have volunteered time and money to help make this a reality.  We're sure the staff and students there will really enjoy it.  We invite you to stop by and take a look as well.
     BHS Garden         BHS Garden View2         Kokoro Japanese Garden Scene Grand Opening September 2018
      OLD EAST HIGH SCHOOL:  The only building still standing - that great old gym! 

     May 11 view                May 31 2018

    Old East High Site:  If you've driven past the old East High School site, you'll see now (June 2018) that all the buildings are down.  At the Board's regular meeting of March 15, 2018, contracts were awarded to Rhine Demolition for Phase I, and to Beisley Construction for Renovation of the gym to be a stand-alone building, Phase II.  The projected timeline is for this work to be completed by September 2018. Track the progress here.

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    Bremerton School District believes that the focus of the buildings and their maintenance program is to support the education of children in Bremerton schools. Appearance and safety standards are very high so that students learn to take pride in their schools. Bremerton community members view school district facilities with a great deal of pride, and the community has been very supportive of building and maintaining schools.

    Some facts about Bremerton School District's maintenance program:
    • All school buildings are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    • Every school building has been constructed or retrofitted to meet earthquake standards set by the Federal Emergency Management Association.
    • Man with Bench Saw Landscaping is kept away from doors to buildings to ensure that students and staff can enter buildings safely.All buildings have been inspected for asbestos and other requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.
    • A copy of the Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for any maintenance products used in the buildings is maintained in each building and is available for inspection.
    • Bremerton Schools exercise great caution in pesticide use in buildings. Should any be required, we comply with the law regarding 48-hour notice to parents and try to do any work on Friday evenings when buildings will be empty for the weekend. Records of pesticide use are maintained in each building.


     Man holding a weed-whacker

    We want our grounds to look like parks - that is the goal of our talented and committed grounds crew.

    MSDS information on any chemical products used on the grounds is maintained in each school building and is available for inspection. Records of all use are maintained in each building.

Last Modified on October 18, 2018