•  School Operations Under Emergency Conditions


    Where can I find information about school closures and delays?


    Information will typically be available by 5 a.m. about school delays and closures due to inclement weather via: 

    • District website (bremertonschools.org)
    • District social media channels: @BremertonSchools on Facebook and @bremertonSD on Twitter
    • District News and Information line at 360.473.1002
    • Automated emails and phone calls (to update your contact information, please contact your school).
    • The local media will also report the District’s school closures and delays.


    What happens if school is closed or delayed?



    Unless an exception is noted, the following procedures will be in place for a two-hour delayed start.

    • Schools will open two hours late.
    • Buses will operate on a two-hour delay.
    • There will be no field trip or activity buses.
    • The Selective Swim program will be canceled.
    • No breakfast is served when school.
    • No AM or PM preschool or Head Start/ECEAP.
    • Renaissance High School will open as soon as staff can safely get to school.  Prior to 10 a.m., please check the Renaissance website or call the school at 360-473-4700 to confirm that the school is open before going to school.



    If school is delayed on a Wednesday, there will be no early release. Students will be released on a regular schedule: BHS- 2:00 pm, MVMS- 2:45 pm and Elementary-3:35 pm. All of the delayed start procedures mentioned above will apply. 



     If Bremerton Schools are canceled, the following will occur:

    • All classes for all Bremerton Schools will be canceled, including Open Doors and Renaissance High School
    • Co-curricular trips and activities will be canceled


    Are students dismissed early from school due to bad weather?

    If there is a storm or if snow begins to fall during the school day, we believe the safest place for children is in our schools. However, weather conditions may develop during the day which may require early dismissal. Efforts will be made to announce early dismissals as soon as possible.  Parents are welcome to pick up their children early during inclement weather conditions.


    How will school delays and poor weather affect my child’s bus route?

    In the event of emergencies or inclement weather, district transportation may be affected.  


    What are the bus snow routes?

    Our buses will provide limited transportation when snow and/or icy roads result in hazardous conditions. Bus schedule timing is less predictable in snowy weather; students should plan on getting to their stops a few minutes early. Please don’t wait until it snows to look at the snow schedule. Many of our buses make a very limited number of stops.  Please note: If ‘snow routes’ are announced, they will be in effect for the entire day, regardless of weather conditions. Bus snow routes are subject to change. Printed copies of the bus snow routes are available by request at your school. 


    Family emergency plans

    Each family should have a plan covering what to do when children arrive home due to an early school closure.

    Families should have a plan for situations when a parent/guardian is unable to meet your child at the bus stop. Discuss with your child(ren):

    • What is the best route to and from home from the snow route bus stop?
      • Take your child to his/her snow route bus stop so they are familiar with the location and its proximity to your home.
    • Remind them of safety precautions, particularly with snow or icy roadways.
    • Remind them of the importance of going directly home or to another designated location.
    • Discuss where they should go if they need help?
    • Who would care for your child until you arrive home?        
    • Is there someone your child can call to ease fears?



Last Modified on February 3, 2019