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    Health & Fitness


    The Health and Fitness programs have been created based upon Washington State's (OSPI-Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction) Health & Fitness Curriculum Framework.

    Through a variety of different units, students will receive instruction that focuses on the core concepts of accessing health information, self-management of healthy behaviors, analyzing internal and external influences, communication skills, decision-making, goal-setting skills, and advocacy.  In addition, students participate in lifetime fitness and team-related activities that encourage communication, sportsmanship, teamwork, diversity, and leadership skills.  This wide variety of experiences offered is designed to allow each student the opportunity to experience activities that would benefit him/her in the present and in the future.


    Health & Physical Education are graduation requirements.  Students with medical excuses are still responsible for fulfilling their Physical Education and Health requirement.  Students who are removed from class due to a medical reason that cannot be addressed through modification of activities will make up their requirement at another time.




    Personal Fitness

    Weight Training & Conditioning

    Sports & Conditioning



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