• Ms. Krisher   Welcome to Krisher's classes! 


    If you are reading this, it means you were fortunate enough to be assigned to my class.  Don't let the rumors of my malevolence scare you.  If you are a serious student with the intention to learn, there is nothing to fear.  Come to class everyday, don't be late, ask thoughtful questions, do your work, and be respectful.  I promise to do the same. 

    My job is to prepare you for adulthood as it applies to the work and/or college world.  Your ideas are important, and expressing them in my class is expected.  Don't be afraid to say what you think (professionally, and respectfully, of course) and back it up with the knowledge and facts that you have.  Thinking is not a crime, and having an opinion is not a social faux pas.  This is an opportunity to develop your voice and use it! 


    Are you ready to learn something new, find the words to express your views, and the opportunity to practice skills in communication both in writing and speaking?  Then, you are in the right place.  Let's get started.
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Last Modified on December 14, 2017