• The Virtual Learning Academy offers virtual instruction with a certificated teacher in a synchronous and asynchronous model. First through fifth grade instruction will be delivered during the regular school hours from 9:00 AM-3:35 PM with room for flexibility and project-based learning!

    The VLA Model:

    The VLA model will mirror in-class learning with an emphasis on family connection and individualized learning experiences. Students will interact daily with BSD teachers using rigorous, district adopted curriculum tools. Lessons and units will focus on grade-level standards and deep learning experiences. Students are required to attend daily morning meetings and afternoon check-ins. There may be opportunities for small groups, whole groups, and 1:1 instruction. Students will have access to learning in all content areas: reading, writing, math, science, social studies, PE, and music. Students in VLA will have the same opportunities to participate in state testing at Kitsap Lake Elementary.

    Synchronous Learning Opportunities:

    All VLA students must participate and complete work requirements on a BSD Chromebook.

    Each day, every student will join their class for a morning meeting via Google Meet, and again later in the day for a learning check-in.  In addition, students will have regular small instructional groups that align with their student learning plans.

    Asynchronous Learning Opportunities:

    Asynchronous learning may include: instructional videos from their teacher, online learning tools such as Mobymax or iReady, online and paper-pencil learning with district curriculum (Wonders, Moby Max, Eureka), and BSD-created choice boards for PE, music, social studies and science.

    What families can expect:

    Families can expect monthly progress reports to complete the ALE virtual learning requirement, daily schedules for their child of any whole-class, small group, and 1-1 check-ins, monthly pick-ups of any physical materials (books, workbooks, journals, etc.), ongoing support of asynchronous learning, and ongoing support to facilitate feelings of connectedness and belonging within our virtual school community. 

    How do I learn more about Bremerton’s VLA?

    Families are encouraged to check out the VLA Teacher sites for more information, and may also contact Kitsap Lake Elementary to learn more and find out about registration and wait lists! 

    Click here to download a PDF of this information.