• RHS Intake


    To help students transition into Renaissance High School (RHS) every student must complete an intake process that familiarizes the students with Renaissance High School. This is a three-step process that requires the student to complete the registration process, the RHS way final, comprehension and fluency tests, and schedule classes.
    Renaissance High School registration is the first step and includes a welcome letter, a RHS and district registration form, BSD policy 3241 notice, RHS alternative learning experience contract, release of information form, home language survey, disaster release information, internet access form, advisory information sheet, district calendar, RHS calendar, RHS class schedule, and an advisory sheet. Students and their families are required to complete each of the forms in the registration packet before they are scheduled to come to the next step of the intake process.

    The RHS way is the second step of intake; during this time students learn about the unique qualities and rules of Renaissance. It is at this time we review the alternative learning experience contract with the student. Because of the flexibility in scheduling, the different manner in accumulating credits, and the requirement of progress to stay at RHS, it is vital that students clearly understand what is expected so they are successful at school. This step is a vital component of guaranteeing students understand the expectations and are able to take advantage of the opportunities at RHS. At the end of this step, students take an intake final to show they have the information they will need to make good decisions at RHS.

    Proficiency testing is the third step of the intake process; however, because of the importance of understanding the RHS way, students review and sign a copy of the rules and behavior contract before testing begins. This step occurs with our intake teacher and includes a risk factor survey, reading comprehension test, and if time allows a fluency test. (This is completed after intake if there are too many students to test everyone within the allotted time.) These tests provide information that allows teachers to adapt instruction to students’ abilities; it is not intended to track students. This is also the time the students are able to choose their advisor.

    After choosing an advisor, students will make arrangements for the final step in the intake process; creating a schedule. To do this, students will meet with their advisor who completes a High School Student Plan (HSSP) which summarizes the credits they have earned and the credits still needed to obtain their high school diploma; the HSSP is the document that students and advisors will use to track progress toward graduation. Students will also complete their High School and Beyond Plan with their advisor at this point. This document lists the student’s future plans and how they intend on reaching the goals they have set. Once these documents are completed, the student and advisor will create a schedule based on what will work best for the student. With few exceptions, this means that students attend three classes Monday& Wednesday and two classes plus advisory Tuesday & Thursday.