Books at Armin Jahr
  • Responsibilities and Policies

    Library check-out is an opportunity for students to choose books that support their interests, provide practice of new reading skills and are just fun to read.

    Students check out and return books each week. If your child needs more time to finish or enjoy a book, they may renew the book up to 3 weeks.

    • Students in grades K - 1   may check out one book at a time. 
    • Students in grades 2 - 5 may check out two books at a time.

    Book Care 
    We encourage students take responsibility in borrowing library books as these books are shared with all Armin Jahr students.

    We teach students to: 

    • Handle books with care and respect.
    • Carry books to and from school in backpacks.
    • Have a safe place to keep books at home. A book box is a good idea.
    • Return books on time.
    • Use a bookmark.
    • Keep books away from pets, sticky fingers and little brothers or sisters with crayons!
    • Read the book!
    • Share the book with mom or dad!

    Damaged Books
    Even when students are responsible, sometimes their books get damaged. When this happens, please let the library staff know about the damage so repairs can be made.

    Lost or Damaged Beyond Repair Books
    When a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, it is policy to collect payment or replacement of the book. Lost book notices are sent home with students and payments can be made at the school office.

    Overdue Books
    If a student forgets their book, they cannot borrow another book until the book is returned. Books can be returned every day before school. As a reminder, overdue notices will be sent home with the student.



    Click here for the Book Care document


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Book Care
What you need to know about borrowing books.