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    Students who are identified as a highly capable learner and complete the assessment process are given specialized supports to meet their unique learning needs.

    Students who are identified as a Highly Capable learner have the option to enroll in the Highly Capable Self-Contained classrooms for grade 2-5, housed at Kitsap Lake Elementary. Students who wish to remain at their home school will have modifications to their general education classroom based on their Student Learning Plan, which is developed collaboratively with the parent or guardian and classroom teacher annually to address the student's unique learning needs.

    Students attending Mountain View Middle School or Bremerton High School will have alternative and accelerated course opportunities. 

    Referral Process

    Teachers and parents/guardians will have the opportunity to refer their student for Highly Capable testing beginning each fall. For the 2023-24 school year, referral applications will be accepted through February 2, 2024. To receive a copy of the Student Referral Packet or for specific information, please contact the Highly Capable Building Coordinator at your student's school:

    School Building Coordinator
    Armin Jahr Elementary Kari Surette
    Crownhill Elementary Melissa Ladner
    Kitsap Lake Elementary Sonya Piper
    Mountain View MS Mary Devery
    Naval Ave Elementary Kelly Carr
    View Ridge Elementary Arts Academy Katie Sprague
    West Hills STEM Academy Thomas Hornburg

    Universal Screening

    Universal Screening for Highly Capable identification occurs annually in 2nd grade and 5th grade, in alignment with Washington State law. 2nd graders will be administered the CoGat Screening tool, parents will be notified prior to administration. 5th graders will be screened through a detailed review of current assessment measures.

    Common Characteristics of a Highly Capable Student

    • Ability to comprehend material several grade levels above their age peers 
    • Surprising emotional depth and sensitivity at a young age 
    • Strong sense of curiosity 
    • Enthusiastic about unique interests and topics  
    • Quirky or mature sense of humor 
    • Creative problem solving and imaginative expression 
    • Absorbs information quickly with few repetitions needed 
    • Self-aware, socially aware, and aware of global issues 

    Source: The Davidson Institute


    For additional information, please contact our State and Federal Programs Department, 360-473-1061.