Bremerton School District Grant Guidelines

  • These guidelines are for staff who want to apply for a grant to support their classroom, sport/activity or a school or District program.


    Grant Approval Process

    • Grants $499 and under should be reviewed and approved by a building administrator. 
    • The District Grant Pre-Application Form must be completed before a grant application for requests $500 or higher is submitted. 
    • Grant requests to the Bremerton Schools & Alumni Foundation, and any formal PTA/PTSA grant requests are also subject to these guidelines. 
    • For “Donor’s Choose” requests, only questions in section 1 of the Grant Pre-Application form are required. 
    • Bremerton School District staff do NOT have to submit a Grant pre-approval form for the Bremerton Schools & Alumni Foundation grants. 


    Donor’s Choose

    The Bremerton School District wants to support teachers in creating engaging classroom spaces. We do our best to meet teachers' and students' needs for classroom supplies with state funding, but we know we do not have the funding for all the items on teachers' wish lists.  Crowdsource funding sites (Such as Donor's Choose) have become a popular way for teachers and others to raise money for these items.  


    Currently, the only “crowdsource funding” website approved by the District is Donor’s ChooseBSD staff may use Donor’s Choose only when:


    • Supplies, materials, or equipment are intended to enhance or extend district instructional programs;
    • Contributions are non-cash donations of supplies, materials or equipment;
    • Written permission is received before posting the request following the guidelines above.  
    • All non-technology items are shipped directly to the school site to be inventoried prior to being used in the classroom. 
      • For large shipments, arrangements can be made with the District’s warehouse for delivery. 
    • All technology items are shipped directly to BSD’s technology department for inventory where it will be barcoded and added to the site's inventory list.
      • For an exemption, please contact IT directly.  


    Important:  once donated, all supplies, materials, or equipment become property of the District.  

Bremerton School District Grant Pre-Application Form

Bremerton Schools & Alumni Foundation

  • Website


    2021 Grants

    It's that time of the year for Bremerton School and Alumni Foundation to grant staff funds for classroom and school projects!  The Foundation will be granting $100 - $500 grants. All Bremerton school employees are eligible to submit a project for consideration.


    Grant Deadline: Friday, May 14, 2021


    2021 Grant Application


    Email grants to Julie Wasserburger: (please put 2021.2022 Bremerton Foundation Grant in the subject line)




    Send grant to Bremerton School and Alumni Foundation mailbox at the District Office


    Questions: Contact Julie Wasserburger at 360-620-8411 or


    NOTE: The District's Grant Pre-Application form is NOT required for BS&A Foundation grants - FYI.