December 14, 2018


    Greetings Bremerton High School families,


    In 2012, the State Board of Education adopted a 24 credit “Career and College Ready Graduation” requirement initially for the class of 2016.  Bremerton School District, along with many other districts in the state, was granted a waiver to plan for the newly adopted graduation requirement.  


    The class of 2021, current high school sophomores, will be the first graduating class required to meet the 24 credit Career and College Ready Graduation requirement.


    Over the past two years, Bremerton High School staff and District administrators reviewed multiple schedule configurations, including consideration of a 7-period day.  As staff worked diligently to develop sustainable and flexible options for students to meet the state’s 24 credit requirement, the decision was made to remain on a 6-period schedule.  


    Beginning in the Fall of 2019, “Knight Skills” SST/IST, will be reduced from four days per week to one day per week. This will allow for increased classroom instructional time, and therefore increase the credit value for each semester-long course. This allows students to earn the credits required to meet the Career and College Ready Graduation requirements. The Bremerton School Board will be making the final decisions about the credit values and District graduation requirements early in 2019.  


    The new graduation plan is designed to be rigorous as well as flexible and personalized.  Bremerton High School staff will work with every student to develop a plan to meet the graduation requirements aligned with students’ desired post high school program of study.


    In addition to scheduled coursework, students will be able to earn required credits by accessing any of the following options approved by the Washington State Board of Education:  


    1. Competency-based credits:  Earn credit by “challenging” a course and demonstrating competency via District-specified assessments.  
    2. Equivalency credits:  Earn “equivalency credit” for courses that meet the same standard.  For example, food science is equivalent to chemistry.  Students taking food science may earn a chemistry credit.
    3. Dual credit:  Earn both college and high school credit for the same course through programs such as Running Start.
    4. “2 for 1” credit:  Earn two graduation requirements. For example, physical science and engineering course would meet both a CTE and a science requirement.
    5. Unusual circumstances waiver: Maximum of 2 flexible credits may be waived for “unusual circumstances” (WAC 180-51-068).
    6. Summer school credit: Bremerton School District and West Sound Technical Skills Center offer credit-bearing courses during summer school.



    1. High school credit while in middle school: For example, students may request credit for algebra or a world language course taken while in middle school.
    2. “7th period” on-line courses:   Individualized and self-paced 7th period on-line course offerings will be available.
    3. “Zero” hour:  Zero hour options will continue for those students involved in music programs.


    Our goal is to assist families navigating this process and develop a personalized graduation plan for each student.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you would like to discuss your student’s graduation plan further, please feel free to contact your student’s counselor.  



    Lisa Lesueur-Shea/360-473-0818/lisa.lesueur@bremertonschools.org



    A-G                        Melanie Fleites/360-473-0833/melanie.fleites@bremertonschools.org

    H-O                        Cynthia Kapsch/360-473-0834/cynthia.kapsch@bremertonschools.org

    P-Z                         Darence Shine/360-473-0832/darence.shine@bremertonschools.org



    Dr. Aaron Leavell, Ed.D.


    Bremerton School District



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