• Early Entrance Testing for Kindergarten
    Due to the COVID shut-down, we will not be doing early entrance testing until after school starts and we have an
    opening plan approved by our School Board.
    Please check back for updates!

    In Washington State, children enter kindergarten if they are five (5) years of age before August 31st. These children will begin their first formal kindergarten instruction this fall and do not require an entrance test. As described in the Bremerton School District Policy #3110, children who turn five (5) between September 1st and October 31st may be eligible to enroll in kindergarten, if they pass an early entrance test. We offer the option of early entrance testing for a non-refundable fee of $80 (scholarships are available for free and reduced lunch program participants).

    Early entrance is for children who are able to demonstrate that they have the necessary kindergarten foundation skills and who are functioning at or above the 5 1/2 year age level in all areas including the ability to participate in group instruction. If you choose early entrance testing for your child, tests are given by teacher(s) in a small group and last about an hour and a half. The parent will accompany the child to the testing room and will leave the child with teacher(s) who will conduct the tests. Parents will remain on site during testing. The assessment committee will meet and review the testing data. Information on placement will be mailed to the parents within five business days of the assessment committee’s review. No make-up tests will be given.

    The tests are as follows

    • DIBELS NEXT Winter Assessment
    • AIMS Web / Easy CBM
    • DIAL-R screening for fine and motor skills
    • Demonstrate oral language and vocabulary
    • Demonstrate concepts of book and print
    • Demonstrate components of early kindergarten essential learnings
    • Demonstrate school behaviors

    If you are interested in having your child tested, information packets will be available after June 15th. Appointments for testing can be scheduled with a completed information packet and payment. Testing will occur during July or August. (See information packet for exact dates, times and locations.)

    For more information, please contact Special Programs 360.473.1061.