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    Eureka Math Homework

    You can print homework sheets! Begin by clicking on your student's GRADE, next select the MODULE, and finally select the LESSON. You will find the grade and module on the top right corner of the homework sheet. For example, 2-1 is grade 2 module 1. The lesson number is on the bottom of the homework sheet. 
    You will also see a video link next to some of the homework sheets. CLICK on the LINK to watch a video that explains the homework.  

    Eureka Math Resources for Teachers and Parents

    This an extensive math website that includes math videos, newsletters, and math home activities. Click on your student's grade level to see each grade's resources.


    Zearn is a wonderful resorce that students can log into and work on the skills being taught in class. If you need your student's log in information, please contact your student's teacher or the instructional coach.

    To Log on to Zearn

    1. Open the Google browser.
    2. Have your student sign in. Their user name is their student number (lunch number) followed by @bsdstudents.org and the normal password they use to log into the computers at school. 
    3. After signing into Google, go to Zearn.org
    4. From the log in page choose “Log in with Google”
    5. From here, it should automatically log into Zearn and be on your student’s account. 


    Khan Academy

    Khan Academy is a wonderful link to videos and math explainasions in different formats.
    Early Math