• BHS Logo The Knight Scholar Program 

    The purpose of the Knight Scholar Program is to provide a rigorous path toward academic achievement and recognition for all students at Bremerton High School. The program is designed to offer both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators toward success and excellence. 
    Knight Scholars will receive the title of Knight Scholar, recognition at semester, recognition at the Senior Awards Ceremony and their names will be posted in the school.  
    Applicants for the Knight Scholar Program will follow a rigorous academic course of study as determined by the student, parent or guardian, counselor, and advisor. To earn the Knight Scholar designation, the path of study should be closely linked to future college and career goals, include 24 credits, and include honors courses and a minimum of two years of Advanced Placement courses.  
    The Knight Scholar Program is closely tailored to each individual student's needs, skill, and goals. Any student may request a variation from the requirements by making an appeal to the Knight Scholar Appeal Board. For the specific requirements click on the links on the left side of this page. Completed applications can be turned into the Counseling Office or the Library. 
    For more specific information about your student's program, contact:
    Mr. Chris Swanson