•               BHS ASL                 American Sign LanguageSusan K Parker

                     Instructor: Susan Parker

    The best way to contact me is: susan.parker@bremertonschools.org
    Welcome to American Sign Language at Bremerton High School! Pardon the pun, but ASL is truly a "hands on" language and is best learned through active participation. As you enter this class, prepare to move, to share, and to be completely engaged in the activities.
    ASL is a part of the BHS curriculum under the World Language and Career and Technical Education course offerings. As a World Language, ASL course standards focus on the "5 Cs": Comprehension (receptive and expressive), Conversation, Culture, and Community. As a CTE course, ASL also focuses on standards incorporating the "21st Century" employability skills and on Leadership skills. The curriculum is based primarily on "Signing Naturally", a program that is also used by Olympic College and other high schools and colleges.
    Parker's Schedule for 2016/2017
    1st:  American Sign Language 2
    2nd: American Sign Language 3
    3rd:  American Sign Language 1
    4th:  American Sign Language 1
    5th:  American Sign Language 2
    6th:  prep period