Bremerton High School Alternative Programs

  • Program Descriptions 

    Drawbridge - A contract and tutorial-based program to provide an alternative learning opportunity for motivated students who have not experienced success in the traditional program due to attendance, health or personal issues. The program is:

    • Reading and project oriented ( as opposed to lecture orientation).
    • Relationship driven through tutoring and weekly progress checks.
    • Product oriented (as opposed to seat time for assessment of grades). 

    GradPoint - A comprehensive online program that provides a self-paced, interactive curriculum for students who need to recover credit for classes they may have failed or earn extra credit needed for graduation. This program is designed to reach struggling students, reduce dropout rates, and increase graduation rates. Students who need to take a class to fulfill a graduation requirement, but have never taken the class and are unable to fit it into their schedule, may also take an equivalent course, if offered, in GradPoint. GradPoint classes are available in Mathematics, English, Science, Social Sciences, Health, Career Technical Education, and selected World Languages.

    Online Options - A no-cost, online school available to high school students living within the Bremerton School District. Full time, part time and after school enrollment options. Core, elective, world languages, and AP classes are available. Please contact your counselor to get started.