Our Board and Officers for 2018

    Alyson Rotter, President and State Legislative Representative
    Carolynn Perkins, Vice-President and Federal Legislative Representative
    Jonee Dubos, Auditor
    Naomi Evans
    Dave Rubie, WIAA Representative 
    Nathan Rubie, Student Representative to the Board

    Board Briefs – May 17, 2018 

    • First line of business was recognizing many BHS students and our 15 district retirees for the 2017-18 school year.  As Ms. Kennedy pointed out, together these 15 folks totaled more than 300 years of service to Bremerton School District and our students. Congratulations to these students as they graduate and begin new plans for their lives, and also to these dedicated staff (who have spent their lives working with these same students and many, many more), as they embark on this new and exciting journey called retirement.

    • Ms. Elise Erickson and several of her French class students thanked the Board for the opportunity to travel to Paris, France in April, and shared more about the experience and what it personally meant to them.  

    • The Consent Agenda included the Agreement with Rice Fergus Miller to provide design work to relocate the Central Kitchen to the Mountain View Middle School site. 

    • Next year, we will see a change in meal prices.  The only difference in pricing is that the District will no longer provide free breakfasts to ALL students but only to those eligible for free or reduced lunch.  This comes after the recent OSPI Administrative Review of our program.  Elementary breakfasts will be provided to paying students for $1.95.  

    • Remember these upcoming Graduation Dates:  
      • Renaissance High School on May 31, 2018, 7:00 pm
      • Bremerton High School on June 8, 2018, 7:00 pm
      • Open Doors @ Olympic College Theater, June 12, 6:00 pm
      • Washington Youth Academy, Tacoma Life Center, June 16, 10 am

     You can find any reports, other attachments, and more information on the agenda/BoardDocs site.



    Animated Video - Role of a School Board  

    The role of the school board is frequently misunderstood by citizens.  And students often do not fully understand the impact that the Board may have on their future.  This animated video, which won an award in NSPRA's (National School Public Relations Association) 2016 Electronic Media competition, takes a crack at explaining the role of the Board to an elementary student.  Thanks to the Texas Assn. of School Boards for providing the leadership to explain the role of today's school board. 


    Be Involved
    One of the best ways to stay informed of what's happening in public education in your community and to have a voice in it, is to attend a meeting of your local school board.  Our Board welcomes you at its meetings. If you would like to bring something to the attention of the directors, there is a public comment period at the beginning of each regular meeting where visitors may make presentations lasting up to three minutes. Provided near the entrance, you will find forms, “Request to Address The Board of Directors;” please complete this form and give to Ms. Cossack before the Board meeting if you wish to provide comments. You may also comment prior to Board action on any specific action agenda item, by simply raising your hand during Board discussion.  Comments on agenda items are also limited to three minutes. You may also write, email, or telephone your school board directors to make your opinions known. 


    Please note that discussions regarding individual staff or students are not appropriate for a public meeting. Please contact the Superintendent regarding these complaint procedures.


    2017-2018 Board Meeting Schedule

    The Board meets most first and third Thursday at 5:00 pm in the Board Room, District Administration Building, 134 Marion Ave. N.    Complete School Board Meeting Schedule


    Agendas, Minutes, and Other Information
    For agendas, minutes, and other information, please visit our BoardDocs website.  It is an easy site to navigate around.  Here are a few tips:

    • For information on individual Board members, visit the Welcome page, select Board Members on the left side. 
    • For current meeting informaton, select the "Information" tab, which displays current meeting agendas and materials.
    • For past meeting information, select the "Meetings" tab to scroll down through past meeting agendas and materials.
    • To view minutes, click on "View the Minutes" button on the right (available only after approval by the Board).
    • To view upcoming meeting schedules and planned study sessions, click on the "Library" tab, then General, then click on Schedules.

    If you have any questions or comments about BoardDocs, please contact Ioanna Cossack at ioanna.cossack@bremertonschools.org or call 360.473.1031.

  • Vision
    As lifelong learners, our students will develop the confidence, skills, and perseverance to choose their future and become thriving, contributing members and leaders of society.

    The Bremerton School District, together with families and community members, provides equitable education opportunities and supports for all students to provide them the foundation to live productive and rewarding lives.

    We Believe

    ♦ Highly effective teaching that responds to diverse learners is crucial to student success.

     ♦ Our students and community deserve facilities that are safe, efficient and multifunctional.

     ♦ Our students will be prepared for life, career, and lifelong learning.

     ♦ Comprehensive leadership includes a focus on equitable access, family and community partnerships, and attention to the whole student in all areas of development.


    Adopted by the Bremerton School Board of Directors 12.14.17

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