Until further notice, School Board meetings will be held virtually due to the continuing threat of COVID-19, our desire to keep our people safe, and Governor Inslee’s proclamations regarding the need to limit in-person meetings and the need for social distancing. The public will have the ability to observe the board meeting in its entirety by live online streaming. A webinar attendee link will be shared on BoardDocs the day of the meeting.  For further information, click on the tab "School Board Meetings - During COVID-19


    This also means the public will not be able to attend the regular board meeting in person and there will be no live public comment. However, the School Board recognizes the value of public comment on educational issues, and will continue to accept and review public comments via email.  For further information, click on the tab "School Board Meetings - During COVID-19."


    If you have questions or require special accommodations to participate in these meetings, please contact the Superintendent's Office at 360.473.1006 or you may contact Ioanna Cossack via email or at 360.473.1031. You may also contact Technology at 360.473.1052.



    Our Board and Officers for 2021
    Jonee Dubos, 2021 President  (Term expires 2023)
    Carolynn Perkins, Vice-President/Federal Legislative Rep.   (Term expires 2021)
    Karen Bolton, Auditor (beg. Jan. 2021) (Term expires 2023)
    John Hurley, WIAA Representative  (Term expires 2023)
    Alyson Rotter, Past President/State Legislative Rep.  (Term expires 2021)
    Rodgie Oliver, Student Representative to the Board, 2020/2021



    Animated Video - Role of a School Board  

    The role of the school board is frequently misunderstood by citizens.  And students often do not fully understand the impact that the Board may have on their future.  This animated video, which won an award in NSPRA's (National School Public Relations Association) 2016 Electronic Media competition, takes a crack at explaining the role of the Board to an elementary student.  Thanks to the Texas Assn. of School Boards for providing the leadership to explain the role of today's school board. 


    Be Involved
    One of the best ways to stay informed of what's happening in public education in your community and to have a voice in it, is to attend a meeting of your local school board.  Our Board welcomes you at its meetings. If you would like to bring something to the attention of the directors, there is a public comment period at the beginning of each regular meeting where visitors may make presentations lasting up to three minutes. Provided near the entrance, you will find forms, “Request to Address The Board of Directors;” please complete this form and give to Ms. Cossack before the Board meeting if you wish to provide comments. You may also comment prior to Board action on any specific action agenda item, by simply raising your hand during Board discussion.  Comments on agenda items are also limited to three minutes. You may also write, email, or telephone your school board directors to make your opinions known. 


    Please note that discussions regarding individual staff or students are not appropriate for a public meeting. Please contact the Superintendent regarding these complaint procedures.


    From the Center for Public Education (an NSBA Initiative): An excerpt from School Boards and the Power of the Public

    Community engagement matters to schools and engagement in the schools matters to communities, so say Michael A. Resnick and Anne L. Bryant in an essay called “School Boards and the Power of the Public.” The essay is part of a new book, Education and the Making of a Democratic People, available from Paradigm Publishers. It places special emphasis on how school boards can engage the public, how they serve as an example of democracy in action, and why it’s the schools’ responsibility to teach students about democracy in ways that are tangible and meaningful. Resnick and Bryant also make the case for elected school boards and the representative role they play. Highlights of the essay include:  Schools and civic engagement

    • Schools are the most significant public institution: They provide a social environment where kids spend six hours per day 180 days per year.
    • Schools provide adults with their first major opportunity to be involved.
    • Schools serve community life and participatory democracy.
    • Schools and communities working together can create the schools they want, to match the life envisioned for their children.



    Agendas, Minutes, and Other Information
    For agendas, minutes, and other information, please visit our BoardDocs website.  It is an easy site to navigate around.  Here are a few tips:

    • For information on individual Board members, visit the Welcome page, select Board Members on the left side. 
    • For current meeting informaton, select the "Information" tab, which displays current meeting agendas and materials.
    • For past meeting information, select the "Meetings" tab to scroll down through past meeting agendas and materials.
    • To view minutes, click on "View the Minutes" button on the right (available only after approval by the Board).
    • To view upcoming meeting schedules and planned study sessions, click on the "Library" tab, then General, then click on Schedules.

    If you have any questions or comments about BoardDocs, please contact Ioanna Cossack at ioanna.cossack@bremertonschools.org or call 360.473.1031.


    This guide is meant to share upcoming events that we hope you may find of interest, as well as to offer you an opportunity to provide public input in advance.    *Some of these events that happen regularly each year, may be delayed or cancelled as many community and student events and activities are not able to occur.  


    FEBRUARY (1st/3rd Thursdays)

    • School Counseling Recognition Week
    • Student Attendance Reports, bi-annual (written)
    • Affirmative Action Plan to be submitted


    MARCH (1st/3rd Thursdays)

    • Classified Employees (Support Professionals) Week
    • BHS Winter Sports & Foreign Exchange Students
    • Online (WSSDA) self-assessment for the Board
    • Annual Building Condition Assessment


    APRIL (1 meeting/3rd Thursday)

    • Spring Break - April 5-9
    • Recognition: WA State Science & Engineering Fair
    • National School Board Assn. (NSBA) Annual Conference



    • Teacher Appreciation Week
    • School Nutrition Employee Week
    • School Nurse Day
    • Annual Recognition and Reception
      • Staff Retirees
      • BHS Scholarship Award Recipients (sampling)
      • BHS Spring Sports



    • Destination Imagination Recognition
    • Finalize the Superintendent’s evaluation and conduct executive session summary conference


    JULY (1 meeting/2nd Thursday)




    SEPTEMBER (1st/3rd Thursday)

    • Study Session on Equity - September 17, 3:00 pm
    • Adoption of Board and Superintendent Goals for the School Year * (Board goals were adopted in August 2020)
    • Recognition of community and staff for back-to-school fair *


    OCTOBER (1st/3rd Thursday)

    • Study Session - Intro. to Panorama, and, time permitting, Website Presence - October 1 (3:45 pm)
    • Technology/Instructional Technology Report to the Board - October 15
    • Receive Report on State Testing/Assessment; AYP Results
    • Out of Endorsement Assignments, if any (report)
    • Study Session with principals to review their Comprehensive School Improvement Plans (CSIPs)
    • School Principals’ Month / National School Lunch Week!

    NOVEMBER (1 meeting/2nd TH)

    • Elections (during odd years only; for 2 or 3 Board members)
    • Comprehensive School Improvement Plans (CSIP) review with principals
    • Second Study Session, if necessary, with principals to review their CSIP
    • Washington State School Directors Assn. (WSSDA) Annual Conference
    • Reviewing Goals and progress made

    DECEMBER (1 meeting/2nd TH)

    • Study Session
    • New Board Members, if any, are sworn in (odd years)
    • Board Reorganization (new officers elected/appointed)
    • Thank you to outgoing directors (odd years, only if applicable)
    • Recognition; BHS Fall Sports
    • Approving academic calendar for the next school year

    JANUARY (1 meeting/2nd TH)

    • Board Appreciation Month
    • Study Session (Affirmative Action Plan)
    • Return-to-Buildings Plan (released Jan. 6, 2021)
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