• Welcome to Construction Careers


    Instructor: Eric Erickson

    Phone: 360.473.0587

    Good choice!
    You’ve chosen the program that will challenge your physical capabilities and spatial reality. Construction is largely an outdoor activity and you will get dirty and even drenched at times. You will enjoy snowy and sunny days all while applying your new-found skills. Because you’ve elected to take this class you will gain the capability to be self-sufficient in your future projects as a homeowner. Learning in this hands-on environment becomes much easier when the math and physical education competencies you learn are integrated into the physical structures you’re actually creating.
    I’m sure you will enjoy and value this class, and you’ll be proud of the projects you and your co-workers build together.
    Eric Erickson,
    Instructor, WST Construction Careers
Last Modified on September 28, 2018