Mary McKenzie




    Classroom Expectations

    Our studies will be based on collaborative learning in the classroom. Up to 15-20* points may be earned for the day’s work in class. This may come in the form of your attentive listening to my direct instruction, engagement in discussion, attention to a video, completion of a quiz or test, or quality completion of an in-class task or assignment. To earn all those points, you’ll need to set electronic or other distractions aside during class. You earn 1 point when you enter the room. The other 15-20* are earned by your active participation.


    *Note: The standard for earning credit at RHS is 80% competency. That means that to get credit for the day you need to be sufficiently engaged to earn at least 12 of 15 points. In other words, if you spend much of the class napping, chatting, texting, etc., I can only give you 1 point for that day. (I will, however, give you one gracious but direct reminder before I just mark you down for that one point.) On a more positive note, your active engagement (questioning, commenting, and clarifying) either through note-taking or active participation in discussion can earn you bonus points (totaling 20).

Last Modified on September 27, 2018