Get involved!

  • We invite parents and community members to be active in our schools. We invite you to share your talents with us, during whatever time you can make them available. There are many ways you can get involved!
    • Join a PTA (parent-teacher association) or other parent group
    • Volunteer in a classroom or at a school event
    • Help out with special events
    • Build a partnership between a school and your community organization

    By getting involved, you’ll know more about how our schools work. That can help you become a better advocate for your child or your neighbors. It also shows kids how important their education is — to them and everyone around them.

  • Volunteers are helping hands

2022-23 Volunteer Guidelines

    • Volunteers must complete the volunteer application process and pass a background check. 
    • If the volunteer is experiencing any symptoms of illness, they cannot enter the school facility.
    • Masks are not required. 
    • Before entering the school, visitors must check-in at the school's Welcome Center and be logged-in to Bremerton School District's visitor management system (Raptor) by a staff member. 
    • Volunteers must wear the Raptor security badge that is provided when they check-in so that it is visible at all times while in the school. 

Becoming a volunteer

  • Volunteers play an important role in our schools. 

    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, we encourage you to: 

    1) Contact your child's teacher or the volunteer coordinator at the school at which you'd like to volunteer to inquire about volunteer opportunities (see volunteer coordinator contact info for each school below)

    2) Complete this quick prospective volunteer survey. We will contact you if there is a volunteer opportunity that fits your interests and talents.

    3) Check out our current volunteer opportunities page and reach out to the contacts listed if you are interested!

    Once a volunteer opportunity has been identified for you, you will be provided a link to our online volunteer application to begin the approval process.

Volunteer Approval Process

  • Volunteer approvals are valid for two years. Volunteers who completed our updated online application process last year are still approved to volunteer this school year.  

    Volunteers approved prior to the last school year will need to go through our new approval process before they can volunteer. Once we've identified a volunteer opportunity for an individual,  we will invite you to apply and will provide step-by-step instructions for this quick and easy online process. 

    Not sure? You can ask your school's volunteer coordinator (see contacts below!) to check and see if you are an approved volunteer in our Raptor database (this is the same system we use for checking in visitors at our schools).

School Volunteer Coordinators

Last Modified on November 17, 2022