Media guidelines

Media guidelines for Bremerton School-District sponsored events

    • Media are welcome to attend Bremerton School District-sponsored student events.
    • All working media members wanting to attend/cover a BSD-sponsored student event must have current media ID/credentials.
    • Working media members (up to 3 people) do not have to purchase tickets for events if they are attending to cover the school-sponsored event and have current media ID/credentials.
    • Prior to or immediately upon arrival at any BSD-sponsored event, media members are asked to notify Karen Bevers, District Communication Director by phone or text at 360-900-3842.
    • Media members should enter through the main gate or entrance with spectators unless other arrangements have been made with the District Communication Director, BHS Athletic Director, or the building principal.
    • If interacting with students, parents, staff or other attendees, media members must identify themselves and the media outlet for which they work.
    • To protect the safety of all students and spectators, only coaches and authorized students and staff are allowed on the Memorial Stadium track and field during school-sponsored events.
      • Media members are not allowed on the track or field during BSD-sponsored events at Memorial Stadium.
      • The Kitsap Sun serves as the regular pool photographer for all Bremerton High School athletic events.
      • To request pool photos, contact David Nelson at or 360-415-2679 or
      • Other media photographers/videographers wishing to serve as the pool photographer for a game should contact Karen Bevers at 360-473-1014 or
      • The District reserves the right to restrict media access during a BSD-sponsored event. 
    • BHS locker and dressing rooms are closed.
    • Media presence at BSD-sponsored events should not interfere with or negatively impact event spectators’ experience.
      • The District reserves the right to ask media to leave the school-sponsored event if their presence or actions are disruptive or interfering with students or spectators.


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    Thanks for your cooperation.       

Media access of District Facilities (outside of school hours and BSD-sponsored events)

    • Memorial Stadium, Mountain View Middle School fields, and elementary playgrounds are open to the public after school hours and on weekends.
    • Media members may access the District sports facilities listed above outside of school hours long as: 
    • Prior to or upon arrival, media members notify Karen Bevers, District Communication Director by phone or text at 360-900-3842.
    • Media presence does not interfere with students using the facility for team practice or individual exercise.
      • Media members must stay off of the track and/or fields that are in use by students for practice or games/meets. Media members are allowed to be in the grandstands, on the perimeter of the track, or on the sidewalk surrounding the stadium.
    • Any photos or videos taken must be:
      • Done in a way that individual students are not identifiable or
      • Cleared for parent opt-out by the District Communications Director, Athletic Director, building principal or designee. 

    Thanks for your cooperation.       


Student interviews

  • To request an interview with a student for a feature or news story (other than sports), please contact the Communications Department. 

    For permission to interview an athlete at a BSD-sponsored athletic event, please contact the Athletic Department. 

Last Modified on October 7, 2022