2022 Retiree Celebration

2022 BSD Retirees

  • Retiree bios coming soon!

    Terri Agius
    Julie Anderson
    Joneva Barry-Meller
    Doris Baxter
    Julie Blake
    Sheryl Campbell
    Carol Cox
    James Dederer
    Kayleen Goddard
    Calvin Glomstad
    David Herrington
    Linda Hupka
    Pam Lee
    Kristi Lindgren
    Nancy Lovgren
    Cathleen Markham
    Cindy McClain
    Colleen Paris
    Susan Parker
    Chris Posenauer
    Natalie Poss
    Moira Prendergast
    Terry Riders
    Lori Reeves
    Karyn Sandstrom
    Charlene Serra
    Linda Smalley
    Brenda Tarver
    Kelly Welsh

    *Note: Some retirees have asked that we not include them in our retiree recognition activities and are therefore not listed above.

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