• Kennedy vs. Bremerton School District


  • District's statement in response to the judge's 11/11/22 order:

  • 10/25/22 Update

  • FAQ: Does the District have to pay Joe Kennedy $5.5 million?

  • 9/20 Statement from the District

  • FAQ: Was Coach Kennedy "fired?"

  • 9/15/22 Update

  • 5281P: Personal Conduct for District Coaches, Supervisors and Volunteers During School Sponsored Events and/or Activities

  • 8/15/22: What is the status of the case? Will Joe Kennedy be coaching at BHS this fall?

  • 6/27/22 District Announcement

  • 1/14/22 District Announcement

Media inquiries

    • Media are asked to please contact Liz Hayes at Americans United for Separation of Church and State for information and interviews with the District's attorneys:
    • The District is not doing media interviews at this time. 
    • Please view our media guidelines here

    (updated 9/12/22)

Last Modified on December 16, 2022