• Kennedy vs. Bremerton School District

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  • What is the status of the case? Will Joe Kennedy be coaching at BHS this fall?

    In compliance with the Supreme Court’s decision, the Bremerton School District is working to facilitate Mr. Kennedy’s return as an assistant football coach. Meanwhile, the District is also working to update our procedures to ensure that we satisfy our obligations to protect the religious freedom of our students and their families as well as all District employees. The case is now back in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, where the judge will decide how to implement the Supreme Court’s decision and determine reasonable attorney fees.

    Updated 8/15/2022

Media inquiries

    • Media are asked to please contact Liz Hayes at Americans United for Separation of Church and State for information and interviews with the District's attorneys:
    • The District is not doing media interviews at this time. 
    • Filming in Memorial Stadium:  Memorial Stadium is open to the public all summer. The media are welcome to film in the stadium as long as the media:
      1. Do not interfere with students using the facility for team practice or individual exercise. This means no filming on the field or track if it is in use by students, but you can film from the stands, in the gravel area at the north end of the field, or from the sidewalk above the field. 
      2. Do not interview any students or staff while on District property.
      3. Film in a way that students are not in the footage or are far enough away or out-of-focus so they can not be identified in the photos.
      4. Enter through the main gate at the south end of the stadium (closest to the school near the concession stand). We are unable to open any other gates for easier access/equipment due to the volume of requests we are getting, and limited staff during the summer. 

    Thanks for your cooperation and understanding. 

    (updated 6/27/22)

BSD statement 6/27/22

January 14, 2022

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