Transportation Updates

About Transportation Updates

  • As are many school districts from across the country, we are having to make adjustments to our bus routes due to a shortage of drivers due to a variety of reasons - including illness. 

    Transportation Updates:  If we have any last-minute or unannounced route changes, we will make every effort to communicate with families and update this webpage every school day by 6:30 a.m. 

    Combined bus routes:  When routes are combined, the bus may arrive at some stops EARLY and be LATE to others, both in the morning and afternoon. In the morning, please have your student at the bus stop 5 minutes early (and dressed accordingly!). Thank you for your patience!

    AM/PM:  Please note if routes are canceled for AM (morning only), PM (afternoon only) or AM/PM (both morning and afternoon).

    RESPECTFUL LANGUAGE:  Please keep all communication respectful towards Transportation Staff.  As there were changes to bus routes, there were also changes to the driver assignments for those routes. It will take a few days for these drivers to get used to their new times and routes, and we will have difficulties in meeting the times listed on the schedule at this point.

Questions? Concerns?

  • Please contact the Transportation Department at 360-473-0514 or