• The Kindness Project

    Spreading Kindness via Cards of Encouragement

    Instructions for Writers

    • Thank you for agreeing to write cards on behalf of the Bremerton School District.  
    • Your efforts are appreciated.
    • Your cards will provide glimmers of hope
    • Sample Scripts and Cards are available 
    • Please Print - No cursive  - We want all to be able to read their notes
    • Please Do NOT write on the envelopes
    • Do NOT seal the envelopes 
    • Additional  items will be added along with your cards
    • to create “Envelopes of Encouragement”
    • which we will address them and get them to students
    • Please deliver your completed cards to: 

            Bremerton School District Central Office

     134 Marion Ave N.    -      Monday-Friday 8-4 pm 

          Or make alternate arrangements with 

    Joyce Cowdery joyce.cowdery@bremertonschools.org

    Thanks for being part of Team Kindness.  

    Everyone benefits when kindness is shared. 

  • Sample Notes to Teachers

  • Kid Jokes ~ Dad Jokes

  • Inspirational Quotes

  • Sample notes for older elementary students

  • Sample notes for very young students

  • Sample notes for any student

  • Sample notes for secondary students

Last Modified on April 19, 2021