• Environmental Health & Safety  


    The Bremerton School District has developed a policy to comply with the requirements of RCW 17.21.415 regarding pesticide use in the District. The District has incorporated this policy and procedures into practice at the start of the 2002-2003 school year. A record of all pesticides used in the District by school location during the past year is located in each school’s main office. The District will minimize the use of pesticides and only make application when required to control pests that may cause structural, health concerns, and/or stinging problems for students or staff. The District will post a “48 hour” advanced notification of pesticide use at the main entry at the school where the pesticide will be used. Parents may request a “48 hour” email notification of pesticide in your child’s school by contacting the school office coordinator. A licensed contractor will perform all pesticide applications required during the year in compliance with the law including postings, notification, and procedures as required by law. District employees may perform exterior weed control with proper postings, notifications, and procedures and emergency pesticide use when stinging is a danger to students and staff. If you have questions regarding this matter please email David Herrington or call 360.473.0506 .

    An approved asbestos management plan is in place for the Bremerton School District. A management plan is located in each building and in Facilities Management.

    Fire alarms, fire sprinkling systems, fire extinguishers, and elevators are inspected annually for proper operation as required by regulations.

    For further information about any health and safety issues, please contact Facilities Management at 360.473.0506.