• School year 2023-2024

    The 2023-2024 preliminary budget and 4-year projection are available upon request.
    Please contact the Finance Office.

    School year 2022-2023


    Please contact the Finance Office if you want to review the 2012 Bremerton Study & Survey.

    View the recent Demographics Study (presented to the Board on July 12, 2018).


    District Financial Information
    The State of Washington is the main source of funds for public schools, contributing approximately 75% of the cost of education. To make up the difference, schools obtain needed funds through local levies and federal grants.  In Bremerton, local funding accounts for 14%, and Federal programs 11% of the total district budget.
    The educational program of the Bremerton School District is budgeted at approximately $21,600 for each full-time student. These funds are allocated from the state, federal programs, and levy funds. Additional financial information can be found at the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction's website.
     For more information, please contact Bremerton School District Finance and Operations at 360-473-1031.