•  Early Childhood Care & Education


    Working with our Preschool Partners our children have made significant gains in Literacy, Math, and Social-Emotional foundation skills.
    • Full Day
      • Usually, center-based programs are open the full year all day. Ages accepted vary on the program. Some programs are faith-based. Some programs have options for school-age children to attend before and after school. 
    • Part Day
      • Typically preschool programs are either AM or PM. They are independently operated and ages accepted vary, length of classes, and days. 
    • Head Start
      • Head Start and Early Childhood Education Assistance Program (ECEAP) are federally or state funded programs for children meeting income guidelines Options range from full day year round to part day during the school year to home-based programs.
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    • Bremerton School District
      • Preschool programs are for children identified with special needs.
      • Programs are typically 2.5 hours, three (3) days per week.  
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    ECCE Group You Too Can Become an ECCE Partner! 

    If you are a preschool, Child Care Center, Faith-Based Program, or In-Home Program and have children who will attend the Bremerton School District you are welcome to join us! 

    We have three goals: to provide a strong foundation for children before they enter Kindergarten.  Our goal is to increase skills in early literacy, early numeracy, and self-regulation (social skills). By creating the ECCE Group and focusing on these goals we can provide the best early learning foundation for our children.

    By becoming a partner and attending trainings you will have access to curriculum, materials, and other resources.  You will also receive a poster for your window indicating you are a partner with Bremerton School District.

    Jump Start for Kindergarten


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