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We Are Bremerton Model


    The We are Bremerton Model is our recipe for success.  The recipe consists of five key ingredients.  We know when we provide a safe, supportive, consistent, and socially-just environment our staff and student thrive.  Relationships are at the heart of everything we do and we know students and staff thrive when they feel a strong sense of belonging to their school.  Learning is the cornerstone of what we do and we know students develop and grow when they are engaged in rigorous, relevant, and responsive learning.  When students are empowered we know they thrive and are self-determined, developing a sense of purpose and hope for the future.  Students thrive when schools provide support to meet their needs to provide access to early, timely evidence-based interventions.   Equity, trauma-invested, and family partnerships are the three guiding principles that represent the lens and the mindset through which we as educators approach what we do in service of promoting outcomes for our students.  Rather than stand on their own separate area of work, these guiding principles are infused throughout our efforts to bring to life each of the ingredients in our school buildings so students receive as high-quality experiences and support as possible to promote their success inside and outside of school.

Core systems & learning cycle
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Bremerton School District Continuous Learning System


    Whether learning remotely or face-to-face, the Bremerton School District’s Continuous Learning System is used to engage and empower our students to excel.  This system allows us to effectively deliver each of the ingredients of our We are Bremerton Model to provide high-quality instruction through both asynchronous and synchronous learning experiences.  Our synchronous time together maximizes connection, community, and collaboration with peers.  Our asynchronous time provides autonomy for students to engage in deep learning that is relevant and meaningful at their own time, pace and place.  

    We recognize that this last spring was difficult on our students, families and staff as we pivoted from a brick and mortar school to a crisis teaching model.  During this unprecedented time, our staff rose to the challenge and persevered as they learned a new way to do school.  We thank you for your feedback and we know that this fall needs to look different and feel different while keeping the heart and soul of what makes the Bremerton School District so great.  In the words of Maya Angelou “When you know better, you do better”.  We listened and we heard that consistency, support, and flexibility are important as we move forward together as partners in learning.

  • Our commitments for Fall 2020

    Consistent core learning platforms (PreK-12)

    Access to physical and mental health services

    Consistent weekly communication to families

    Access to meals

    Consistent weekly lesson plan structure

    Access to Chromebooks and connectivity

    Extended day instructional and technology support

    Focus on social-emotional and academic learning


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