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Bremerton School District Administration Office

  • 360-473-1000
    134 Marion Avenue North
    Bremerton, WA 98312
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Staff emails and phone numbers

  • All District email addresses are firstname.lastname@bremertonschools.orgTeacher phone numbers can be found in our staff directory

    *Please note: All emails sent to/from a BSD email address (including email to/from a student email address) will be screened and archived for the safety and security of students.

School contact information

  • To find contact information for your child's school principal or office staff, please click here.

Teacher Websites

  • All teachers have websites with their contact information.  To find your child's teacher's site, please look for the "staff sites" tab on your child's school website.

Communicating with our School Board

  • By email

  • By mail

  • At a meeting

  • By phone

District Department Contacts