• The following forms are available in both English and Español. Please click on the name of the form you would like to access.


    • Diet Prescription for Meals at School - If your child has a dietary prescription, specific dietary need, food allergies, food intolerance(s), or has certain food items eliminated from their diet, this form will need to be completed by a parent/guardian and the child's health care provider or licensed medical authority. Return this form to the school nurse or designated school employee.


    • Medication Authorization Form - If your child needs to take any medication during the school day, this form must be signed and completed by your child's health care provider and parent/guardian. Alternatively, a parent/guardian can fill out the first portion of the form and the health care provider's orders faxed to the school or can be attached to the form. Medication orders need to be renewed annually for administration at school.
Last Modified on August 24, 2021