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    Health Conditions

    If your child has any medical conditions or health issues that could impact their safety and/or learning at school, please contact your child's school nurse. Your child may need to have an Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP) developed. An IHP is created by the school nurse for students who require health services or have an illness that may result in a health crisis. An IHP is a vital component to manage or alleviate student's healthcare needs. Examples of a health condition include diabetes, asthma, cerepral palsy, life-threatening allergic reaction, and seizures.


    Diet Prescription

    If your child has a dietary prescription, specific dietary need, food allergies, food intolerance(s), or has certain food items eliminated from their diet, a Diet Prescription for Meals at School form will need to be completed by a parent/guardian and the child's health care provider or licensed medical authority. Return the Diet Prescription for Meals at School Form to the school nurse or designated school employee. Alternatively, a health care provider's or licensed medical authority's orders can be returned.



    Medication At School

    If your child needs to take any medication during the school day, a Medication Authorization form must be signed and completed by your child’s health care provider and a parent/guardian. Alternatively, a parent/guardian can fill out the first portion of the Medication Authorization form and the health care provider's orders can be attached to the form or faxed to the school. Medication orders need to be renewed annually for administration at school.


    A student can self-carry their medication at school if a Medical Authorization form is completed. The health care provider must check the box stating the student can self-administer on the form. The student must be able to demonstrate to the school nurse they can correctly administer the medication.  


    Medication includes as needed medications (Epi-Pen, Albuterol, i.e.) and/or over the counter medications or creams (Tylenol, topical Hydrocortisone, i.e.). Prior to adminstering medication(s) at school, the following must be met:

    1. Medication Authorization form must be completed by a parent/guardian and the child's health care provider OR the parent/guardian completes the form and attaches the health care provider's order for the medication. Medication orders must be for the current school year (2020 - 2021).
    2. All medications must be in the original labeled container with the student's name, medication name, dosage, and time of administration.
    3. Medication will be brought in by a responsible adult. The medication will be counted by a parent/guardian and school nurse or a designated school employee before being accepted by the school.


    If the above requirement is not met, the parent/guardian can come to school and administer medication. 



    Medical Treatment at School

    If your child needs treatment at school, such as G-tube feeding, suctioning, insulin calculations, and/or urinary catherization, please contact your child's school nurse and provide the school nurse with the health care provider's orders. 


    To find out who your child's school nurse is, click here.



    Authorization for Release of Student Information


    The Authorization for Release of Medical/Education Information form allows Bremerton School District and a health care provider, hospital, or clinic to exchange information about a student. 

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