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2020-2021 School Board Goals

  • Overarching themes/focus for 2020/2021 are communication, equity, and accountability



    Standard 1- Provide responsible school district governance.

    Benchmark of Success B: Ensuring the Board is accountable and open to the public including seeking divergent perspectives in its decision making process.

    Focus area(s):

    • Follow a defined process for gathering input prior to making critical decisions (Q7).

    Benchmark of Success F: Working as an effective and collaborative team.

    Focus area(s):

    • Together with the Superintendent, share responsibility for the orientation of new Board members and forming a new inclusive team (Q22).



    Standard 3- Create conditions district-wide for student and staff success.

    Benchmark of Success B: Employing and supporting quality teachers, administrators and other staff and providing for their professional development.

    Focus area(s):

    • Have policies that ensure hiring and retention of highly qualified staff (Q35).
    • Have policies for evaluating staff based on student success (Q36).

    Benchmark of Success D: Ensuring management of the organization, operations, and resources for an efficient and effective learning environment.

    Focus area(s):

    • Communicate an expectation that all classrooms will implement effective instructional practices (Q45).
    • Provide for evaluation of district operations to ensure there is an efficient and effective learning environment (Q46).



    Standard 4- Hold school district accountable for meeting student learning expectations.

    Benchmark of Success A: Committing to continuous improvement in student achievement at each school and throughout the district.

    Focus area(s):

    • Ensure a high degree of coherence between the district plan and school improvement plans (Q53).
    • Publicly recognize the efforts of schools in improving student learning (Q55).

    Benchmark of Success C: Measuring student academic progress and needs based on valid and reliable assessments.

    Focus area(s):

    • Regularly evaluate and adjust resources and strategies for closing achievement gaps to maximize their effectiveness (Q62).
    • Model cultural, racial, and ethnic understanding and sensitivity (Q64).



    Standard 5- Engage local community and represent the values and expectations they hold for their schools.

    Benchmark of Success A: Collaborating with families and community members, responding to diverse interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources.

    Focus area(s):

    • Follow an effective process for responding to questions, concerns, comments or feedback from citizens (Q66).

    Benchmark of Success C: Ensuring district information and decisions are communicated community-wide.

    Focus area(s):

    • Communicate district performance to the public in clear and understandable ways (Q70).


Last Modified on September 1, 2020