• March 18, 2019


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    There is a measles outbreak in Washington state with 73 confirmed cases as of 3/15/19.   Most of the cases have been in children who are unvaccinated. 


    Measles is a viral disease that causes fever, rash, and upper respiratory symptoms. It is highly contagious and, in rare cases, can cause serious complications and even death.  


    In response to the outbreak, the Bremerton School District is trying to make easy for families to get their kids vaccinated.   We have partnered with Peninsula Community Health Services (PCHS), a local healthcare provider, to provide measles vaccination clinics at the Mountain View Middle School Annex on: 


    March 20, 2019 from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    March 25, 2019 from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


    Getting your child(ren) vaccinated for measles will help protect your child(ren), your family, and reduce the potential impact of measles on our community. We want to encourage you to bring your child(ren) and any unvaccinated adults in your family to one of these clinics for free/low cost vaccinations.


    • PCHS is providing measles vaccinations only at these clinics.
      • If your child is in need of other vaccinations, please contact PCHS at 360-377-3776 to schedule an appointment.
    • Vaccinations are free for children.
      • Children do NOT need to sign-up to attend this clinic. All paperwork will be provided at the clinic.
    • There is a charge for vaccinations for adults.
      • Vaccinations are billed on a sliding scale for adults.
      • PCHS can bill insurance. Please bring your insurance card and ID to the clinic.
      • Adults who want to be vaccinated at the clinic must call 360-473-1011 by noon one day before the clinic.
    • If have questions or if transportation is needed to/from the clinic, please call 360-473-1011. 



Update on Measels Outbreak for BSD Families

  • 1/31/19 

    As you are likely aware, there is a large measles outbreak in Clark County, in southwest Washington. Additionally, King County has confirmed a measles case. So far there are no reported cases of measles in Kitsap County.


    We encourage you to read this updated letter (in English & Spanish) from the Kitsap Public Health District about the current measles outbreak in Washington state. 


    We are following guidance provided by the Kitsap Public Health District.  We have been reaching out to families with incomplete or missing immunization records. We are also contacting families who may be missing documents or required signatures for a personal, medical or religious waiver.


    If the local Health Officer issues an order due to an outbreak in Kitsap County, children will be excluded from school, even if they have an immunization waiver.



    • This update sent to BSD families 1/31/19 via email. If you did not receive this email, please contact your child's school or the District office at 360-473-1000 and request a log-in for "Family Access" so you can update your contact information and communication preferences. Thank you. 


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Resources & Information

Low-cost or no-cost vaccinations are available

  • According to the Washington State Department of Health, Washington provides MMR and MMRV vaccines at no cost for kids through age 18, and they’re available from healthcare providers across the state. Providers may charge an office visit fee and a fee to give the vaccine, called an administration fee. However, if you can’t afford the administration fee, you may ask your provider to waive it.  Learn more here.

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