Elementary (K-5) & WH STEM Academy School Supplies

  • The Bremerton School District knows that 2020-21 was a difficult school year for families.  With the use of available funds, all elementary school supplies*** will be provided by the District.  

    Families will only be responsible for providing the following items for their students:

    1. A backpack
    2. A pencil box
    3. Wired headphones*
    4. A lunch box/bag (if needed)

    Elementary schools will have a limited supply of backpacks and pencil boxes available in the fall for families who need assistance. Please contact your child's school after August 15 about availability. 

    * Wired headphones are strongly encouraged but will be provided if a student does not have any. Over-the-ear style recommended for younger students. 

    *** This includes West Hills STEM Academy students grades K-8, including West Hills Restorative School students. 

Last Modified on July 30, 2021