• AT Resources

    Special Education Technology Center, Ellensburg
    Washington State’s Special Education Center provides a newsletter, has an AT lending library, white papers, consultation services and free webinars.  They also sponsor two AT conferences each year in Federal Way.

    Bookshare is an online library of books, text books, non-fiction, and fiction.  If you cannot read traditional print books because of a visual impairment, physical disability or severe learning disability, Bookshare can help!  Bookshare offers the world’s largest collection of accessible titles. As a result, people of all ages, as well as schools and many organizations around the globe can access the books they need for school, work, career advancement, skill development and the simple love of reading in formats that work for them.

    The District AT TOSA can sign teachers up as sponsors to download books for students. 

    National Public Website on Assistive Technology
    Searchable list of AT products and services. Images, vendor contact information, prices and descriptions of each product are available. Over 22,000 products are listed and categorized by function, activity or vendor, the ability to compare products, pictures of many products, and AT Discussion groups.

    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Dr. Karen Erickson, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill,

    Conference handouts, resources, classroom “How To” handouts, Tactual Book Kit directions, literacy activities.  Karen is the co-author of the "Whole to Part Model of Silent Reading Comprehension."

    Numerous other resources including handouts from the top Assistive Technology and ASHA Conferences given by AT experts at Chapel Hill.

    SET BC 
    From the Student and Classroom Resources: ResourceSET

    This section has resources, templates, and directions for making accessible books;  in accessible formats and the popular ResourceSET which includes curriculum and many Boardmaker boards for a variety of content areas and grades.  This site has extensive resources; individual links are below.

    The SETdirect showcases their lending library.  While we cannot access it, visual supports, boardmaker boards and activity information is included for each kit.  For example the Blend It kit uses a Powerlink with directions,  and recipes and boardmaker board to create smoothies.

    Boardmaker and PDF files for a variety of student activities including games, content area and more.  This page has a filter to narrow down the almost 1500 resources.  To access the file, double click on the name; right click and choose “save link as”; after the name add .bm2 (dotbm2); then save. It will then open in Boardmaker;  if the .bm2 is already there open it as usual.

    Numerous tutorials for communication devices, iPads, implementation; UDL toolkit, accessibility features built into computers, Chrome extensions, Classroom Suite and more.

    Build Your Own UDL Toolkit:
    Ten modules that discuss multiple means of:  expression, representation and engagement. Each module takes about 15 minutes to complete and includes an overview, video and additional resources.

    Miami-Dade County Public Schools: PreKindergarten
    Although this site it titled PreK, there are tons of ideas for developing early literacy skills and adapting books, Boardmaker files, text with symbols, page turners etc. Adapting the environment for students is included under the Adaptation Station section.

    National Assistive Technology in Education Network (NATE)

    This website brings together information from a variety of disciplines that are involved with assistive technology services in the educational setting. Some of the resources found here include AT training materials, data collection tools, and a mentoring program for new members of the AT field.  Many manuals, tips, processes.

    • Other websites and links to organizations
    • Tools to compare features needed
    • Data collection sheets
    • Tech matrix that is interactive and an amazing tool to look at device features


    Assistive Technology Training Online  
    This portion of the Assistive Technology Training On Line website has excellent beginning information including an introduction to assistive technology, technology for special populations, and adapting computers.

    Closing the Gap:
    The Closing the Gap website offers excellent forums on a variety of topics related to assistive technology. It is also has a searchable data base, but there is an annual fee to access it. Information about subscribing to the Closing the Gap newsletter is on the website.

    Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services:
    The website of the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology ( QIAT ) offers a wealth of information in its resources section as well as access to the QIAT list serv. The list serv is an excellent forum to keep current with new developments in AT and the latest websites and other resources.

    Wisconsin Assistive Technology Resources
    WATI has a free 24 page booklet explaining assistive technology in clear, understandable language. It is designed for general education staff. It can be downloaded and copied. It is called the Resource Guide for Teachers and Administrators about Assistive Technology.

    Georgia Project for Assistive Technology:
    The Georgia Project for Assistive Technology has many excellent resources on its website, including an Assistive Technology Resource Guide that provides a continuum of solutions from standard tools to assistive technology. It also includes potential modifications and accommodations for a variety of tasks. Choose Forms from the navigation menu on the left side all students.  Her website has information on using Word Walls, switches and visual supports for literacy as well as AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication).