• Communication

    Communication System

    PODD:  Pragmatic Organization of Dynamic Display
    A Communication tool to provide students with a language system to enable them to create an autonomous message.  The PODD is in a spiral bound or notebook and creates a means for students to communicate with anybody.

    The District owns the software to create PODDs; the description for each version is located in the AT folder on the Special Education Drive.

    We are fortunate to have staff in our District who are trained in using PODDs:  Katrina Jones; Debra Strawhun; DeborahMyers; Brooke Holst; Sarah Peery; Brittany McNeal

    Jane Farrall’s website has 14 cheat sheets on ways to incorporate PODDs every day into classrooms. www.janefarrall.com/getting-hands-on-with-podd/

    Communication Matrix
    The Communication Matrix is a tool created to help understand the communication status, progress and unique needs of anyone functioning at the early stages of communicating.

    The matrix is divided into seven levels of communication beginning with Pre-Intentional to 2-3 word combinations and nine categories of communicative behavior.  

    This tool is best used by gathering information from people working with the student in collaboration with your Speech Language Pathologist.

    The profile is a one page summary of the information divided into mastered, emerging, or not used.  One caution: do not use student’s real name as this site has not been vetted for student information.