• APPS and Chrome Extensions

    Due to the ever changing world of electronics, included here are lists and descriptions of Apps from Professionals who have vetted the app for its functionality.  

    Jane Farrell: www.janefarrall.com/aac-apps-lists  Jane’s app list is divided into symbol/picture based apps; symbol and text based apps; text based and additions and updates. There is also a list of switch accessible apps for iPad and iPhone.

    Eric Sailors:  www.ericsailers.com/iresources.html  Eric created lists for apps for students with special needs. His website is divided into apps for speech therapy, education, ways to use the iPod to learn and study better and more.

    CALL Scotland:  www.callscotland.org.uk   The team at CALL Scotland developed wheels of apps for communication, reading & writing, students with Learning Disabilities, as well as Android apps.  By using the wheels you can see at a glance numerous apps for each area including recreation and leisure.


    Chromebook for Assistive Technology

    This is a major “go to” site for information!  Mike Marotta tells how to maximize the use of the Chromebook for Assistive Technology.  Website includes interview, list of Chrome apps and extensions; keyboard shortcuts, as well as supports for reading, writing and low vision.


    Six Chrome Tools for Math