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    It Starts With Us!

    Children learn best in a calm and nurturing environment, where children and adults are respectful, responsible, and safe.


    We know that in order to raise achievement and help children reach their career and college goals, we need to provide a rigorous academic and positive social and emotional climate in our schools. This year, we are increasing our efforts to teach and provide practice opportunities for children to;

    • Demonstrate positive communication and social skills to interact effectively with others;
    • Demonstrate the ability to self-manage;
    • Demonstrate the ability to work with others to set, persevere and achieve goals; and
    • Demonstrate effective decision-making and problem solving skills.

    You will see some changes in all school environments. This includes on the school bus, in the parking lot, on the playground, and in the building. You will see that all adults are addressed in a professional manner, children are greeted with a smile and the level of noise and interruptions significantly decreased. You will see adults using the same signals to get attention (Give Me Five) and consistent hallway routines that support our students. You will see changes on the playground, using best practices from Peaceful Playgrounds.


    Why does a peaceful climate matter to learning?
    Children learn best in a calm and nurturing environment, where children and adults are respectful, responsible and safe. This is often referred to as a “Relaxed State of Alertness.” This is a state where the child’s brain is open for challenges and is working optimally to problem solve.


    Characteristics of Children Who Have Experiences That Develop Relaxed Alertness

    • Can set short and long-term goals;
    • Persist under pressure;
    • Visualize a positive future;
    • Have a more positive attitude;
    • Possess good social skills;
    • Are independent;
    • Use time management effectively. This includes being able to pursue their goals when situations change;
    • Know how to learn and how they learn;
    • Evaluate themselves.


    Peaceful Playgrounds are Part of Peaceful School
    Peaceful Playgrounds enhance learning, prevent bullying, and promote positive social interactions on the playground.



    You Can Help!

    You can help us improve our school culture to be a more positive, calm, and respectful climate for learning. You can help by . . .

    • Learning more about social and emotional learning and what your school is doing.

    • Supporting our schools by modeling these positive behaviors when on the school campus, at the bus stop, or on field trips and other school events.

    • Supporting and encouraging other family members to do the same when on school grounds, as a visitor, or volunteering in our schools.


    For more information about Peaceful Schools contact the school Principal or Linda Sullivan-Dudzic at 360.473.1061.