Reading Wonders Reading Wonders 
    Independent Study Courses

    Up to 28 Clock Hours available!
    Teachers may take a single course, a combination of courses, or take them all!  

    Course Structure and Requirements


    • Courses include several modules and sections.  Each module includes instructional videos, supporting PDFs, and online collaboration with fellow Wonders teachers.
    • Participation verified via a Course Certificate generated by the program upon completion of the course.  Print this certificate and submit it with the Request for Clock Hours Form. 

    Requirements for Course Certificate:

    1. View all required course topics and instructional videos.  All topics within a course are required, except those marked as optional.
    2. Complete the Pre-Course and End-of-Course Survey

    Teachers are asked to read components of Teacher’s Edition and other program support materials, plan, practice, and implement each component as it is covered.  The time involved in completing these tasks will be documented on an Independent Study Log form.   A course facilitator verifies the time by signing the bottom of the form before you submit it to the ESD along with the Certificate of Completion and Request for Clock Hour Form.

    Contact Kelli Leavell for more information or to register for the course.


  • Quick Start Course
    8 Clock Hours
    4 Online / 4 Independent Study

    Set Up

    • Setting up your Wonders classroom
    • Set up your calendar
    • Import and roster your students
    • Locate instructional resources in ConnectED

    Plan and Teach

    • Learn about Wonders structure and core resources
    • Teach Smart Start lessons
    • Adjust the online calendar
    • Customize your lesson plans in ConnectED
    • Use the Launch Presentation feature to support instruction

    Student Experience

    • Navigate the student dashboard
    • Assign resources to students online
    • Support students in completing and submitting assignments online
    • Grade and respond to assignments online

    Create Small Groups

    • Administer placement and diagnostic tests
    • Place students in different groups

    Teach Whole Group Course
    8 Clock Hours
    4 Online / 4 Independent Study

    Whole-Group Overview

    • Learn about related whole-group implementation resources
    • Explore scenarios for setting up your classroom
    • Understand the Wonders lesson layout and approach
    • Understand key student components in Wonders
    • Navigate the ConnectED Teacher and Student Workspace

    Weekly Instructional Plan

    • Begin the Week
    • Foundation Skills
    • Vocabulary
    • Close Reading
    • Writing and Grammar
    • Research and Inquiry

    Progress Monitoring

    • Learn how to monitor student progress on a daily and weekly basis
    • Learn how to differentiate instruction during the week

    Teacher Resources

    • Become familiar with the Instructional Routine Handbook
    • Access flexible pacing guides for your grade level
  • Use Assessment Course
    4 Clock Hours
    2 Online / 2 Independent Study

    Assessment Overview

    • Review the assessment resources from the Quick Start Course and Teach Whole Group modules
    • Learn about the available assessment resources in Wonders
    • Learn about print and digital assessment administration options

    Online Assessment Center

    • Learn about benefits of online assessment in Wonders and how to use the Online Assessment Center
    • Learn about tech-enhanced items and how to prepare students for successful online assessment
    • Learn how to access the online assessment Digital Help videos in Connect ED

    Use Data and Reports Course

    4 Clock Hours
    2 Online / 2 Independent Study

    Data and Reports

    • Navigate the Data Dashboard to view Wonders reports
    • Understand what data are included in each report
    • Filter reports to view data at the class level, student level, by Wonders skill, by ELA state standard, or by activity
    • Analyze and interpret data to  make instructional decisions and plan targeted lessons
    • Share report data with administrators, families, and students to communicate progress and discuss learning goals.


Last Modified on November 23, 2016